What’s the difference between Classic and Russian Volume lashes?

The most common question I get asked… ”What’s the difference between Classic and Russian Volume Lashes?

Answer… They are different lashing techniques. A set of classic lashes involves one synthetic lash being applied to each natural lash. Russian Volume (see pic) technique involves creating fans of multiple synthetic lashes which are then applied to the natural lash, creating more volume. We tend to use finer, lighter lashes for this technique so that they don’t end up being too heavy for the natural lash.

We also offer a Hybrid set which is a combination of both techniques; a few fans to add volume, filled with classics to give a more natural look. Very popular with those with sparse lashes wanting to add volume but keep them looking natural.

Both classic and volume techniques can vary in length, thickness and curl, depending on your desired look and natural lashes, so whichever style you decide on we can always tailor them to suit you.

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