Will eyelash extensions suit me?

Yes… Eyelash extensions are so versatile that they literally suit everyone. A good lash artist tailors their work to suit their client, creating a different set for each person depending on their wants/needs.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Make sure you’ve had a patch test at least 24hrs before your first appointment. Dress comfortably and remove any eye makeup. Put your phone on silent and come ready to relax. Here’s a more extensive list

How can I make my extensions last longer?

Keep them clean! Avoid contact with any oils. Avoid makeup if possible. Don’t pick or pull at them.

Why are my extensions falling out?

It is normal for your lashes to shed. Pay attention to whether there is a natural lash attached or not. If there is, that’s normal. If not, it could be due to a number of factors. How well are you looking after your lashes? Are they clean? Do you wear makeup daily? Read here for more info… Contact your lash tech if you have any concerns.

Can I have extensions while pregnant?

Yes… It is safe to have eyelash extensions whilst pregnant. However, be aware that you will be lying down for some time which isn’t always comfortable in the later stages. Talk to your lash tech as they can offer comfort solutions and sometimes allow more time for bathroom breaks or moving around.