How to prepare for your lash appointment

Getting your lashes done for the first time is exciting but sometimes it helps if you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for your treatment. We’ve created a full list of things to remember before your first (and every) lash appointment. 🔹Take off all eye make up. Be as thorough as youContinue reading “How to prepare for your lash appointment”

MonuSkin Resurface and Peel Facial

NEW at KT Eyelash Extensions!! Peels are fantastic at treating a wide range of concerns including fine lines, pigmentation, acne scarring, uneven skin tone and dry skin. In short, practically anyone can benefit from having a facial peel. Our Resurface and Peel treatment uses a combination of natural acids to gently remove the surface layersContinue reading “MonuSkin Resurface and Peel Facial”

Why do my lashes keep falling out?

Perhaps you’ve just had eyelash extensions done for the first time. Or perhaps you’ve been having them done a while but you’ve found that some have fallen out. This can be normal. Your extensions will fall out with your natural lashes so it’s normal for a couple to fall out. In this case you willContinue reading “Why do my lashes keep falling out?”

Monu Skincare coming soon…

I always said I wouldn’t offer facials unless I found a brand I really liked. Having worked a lot with Elemis and other luxury skincare brands, I’m pretty fussy and I found it difficult to find something I loved, which is why I’ve put it off for so long. But, then I found Monu!! 😁Continue reading “Monu Skincare coming soon…”