How to prepare for your lash appointment

Getting your lashes done for the first time is exciting but sometimes it helps if you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for your treatment.

We’ve created a full list of things to remember before your first (and every) lash appointment.

🔹Take off all eye make up. Be as thorough as you can as any oil or debris left on the lashes will affect how well the extensions stick to your natural lashes. We will clean your lashes before application but the quicker we can do this the more lashing time we have.

🔹Shower before your appointment. We don’t think you smell, but you won’t be able to get your lashes wet for 24hrs after your appointment so it’s a good idea to keep this in mind before having them done.

🔹Avoid caffeine. Caffeine can make your eyes twitchy which makes our job harder.

🔹Remove contact lenses. Not essential, everyone is different but lenses can dry out your eyes and cause them to run which can affect the glue.

🔹Wear warm, comfortable clothing. You’re going to be lying down for at least 1.5hrs (for a full set), so be comfortable. When you are relaxed, you are more likely to feel the cold, even if the room feels warm. You can always ask for a blanket if you need to.

🔹Be on time. Sounds obvious, but the later you arrive, the less time we have for lashing.

🔹Go to the bathroom. You will need to lie still for up to 2.5hrs! (depending on lash style) so make sure you visit the toilet before lying down.

🔹Wear your hair down if possible. Lying on a ponytail, plait or a bun for a long time can be uncomfortable.

🔹Put your phone on silent. Opening your eyes to look at your phone during the appointment can cause irritation and stinging from the glue, so take advantage of some quite time and put your phone away. Whoever is ringing can probably wait.

🔹 Stay as still as you can. Fidgeting of any body part, even feet, can move the head too. Sometimes this goes for talking too. Don’t be offended if your lash tech stops talking to you. A lot of people talk with their eyes or are very expressive when they talk which makes applying lashes very difficult.

🔹 If you feel like you might fall asleep, that’s fine. Some people feel self conscious or embarrassed to fall asleep during their appointment but it’s completely normal and most people do it. Go with it, don’t fight it and enjoy your Lash Nap! We promise not to tell if you snore.

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