MonuSkin Resurface and Peel Facial

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Peels are fantastic at treating a wide range of concerns including fine lines, pigmentation, acne scarring, uneven skin tone and dry skin. In short, practically anyone can benefit from having a facial peel.

Our Resurface and Peel treatment uses a combination of natural acids to gently remove the surface layers of the dead skin, revealing the healthy, glowing skin underneath whilst stimulating the natural exfoliation process.

Glycolic acid – penetrates the skin to effectively treat fine lines, acne, excess oil and dullness.

Salicylic acid – softens and peels the top layer of skin to reveal a brighter, healthier complexion.

Lactic acid – the mildest and most effective AHA available, weakens the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, enabling them to shed more easily.

Citric acid – an AHA and natural exfoliant that helps loosen the dead layers of skin. It is ideal for treating pigmentation, blocked pores, sun damage and premature ageing.

Sodium Bicarbonate – for a brighter appearance.

Alongside these acids we use citrus essential oils and Vitamin C to uplift the senses, help even skin tone, improve hydration and revitalise the skins surface for a younger looking complexion.

For specific concerns we recommend a treatment every week for 6 weeks and one a month for maintenance.

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