Why do my lashes keep falling out?

Perhaps you’ve just had eyelash extensions done for the first time. Or perhaps you’ve been having them done a while but you’ve found that some have fallen out.

This can be normal. Your extensions will fall out with your natural lashes so it’s normal for a couple to fall out. In this case you will probably be able to see the natural lash still attached to the false one.

But if you’re finding that more and more are falling out and they are not lasting as well as they should,it could be for for various reasons.

Tell your lash technician.

You should always let us know if there’s a problem. There are many things which can affect the adherence of the glue and as long as we’re aware of the problem we can look into it and give possible solutions.

Are you looking after them?

As a lash tech we can only control what happens during your appointment. After that it’s up to you to look after them so that they stay looking fabulous.

That means, cleaning them regularly, avoiding any oils around your eyes and minimising the make up you apply near them.

Do you wear a lot of make up?

I have found that make up has a big effect on the retention of eyelash extensions. Clients that wear a lot of make up tend to lose at lot more lashes than those that wear none at all.

This is because a lot of makeup will have some amount of oil in it. If it is sitting on the skin all day, potentially on the lash line it is going to effect the bonds in the glue. Heavy make up will usually require an oil based cleanser too. However, as only oil-free can be used on your extensions, it means chance are some of that makeup will remain. As this builds up it will cause more and more to fall out.


I can’t stress this enough. I know it’s tempting when gaps are appearing but please avoid using mascara on your lashes. If you must use something, ask your lash tech about oil-free mascara. But even then, I would only use it sparingly and never on Russian Volume or hybrids.

How can I make them last longer?

👁 Avoid make up where possible

👁 Do not apply mascara to your lashes

👁 Cleanse your lashes regularly. For volume and hybrid sets I would recommend a foam cleanser.

👁 Come to your appointment with clean lashes

👁 Do not touch, pick or pull at your lashes. Oils from your fingers will transfer onto them.

Lashes are a luxury and should be treated as such.

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