Monu Skincare coming soon…

I always said I wouldn’t offer facials unless I found a brand I really liked. Having worked a lot with Elemis and other luxury skincare brands, I’m pretty fussy and I found it difficult to find something I loved, which is why I’ve put it off for so long.

But, then I found Monu!! 😁

Monu is a well-established British brand. Their products are all natural, vegan and human-tested. They utilise the powerful properties of herbs, plants and essential oils and they honestly smell amazing!

Although it has a beautiful spa feel, it sits somewhere between the expensive luxury brands and the ones found on the high street. There is a broad range of products designed for all skin types whether your skin is sensitive, oily, dry, dehydrated or ageing.

I can’t wait to share this amazing skincare with you so look out for introductory offers on our Facebook page.

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