Lash lift…our secret ingredient!

I used to think all lash lifts were created equally…. It’s a fairly simple process of applying a couple of different solutions to natural lashes to make them stay lifted in place.

But at some point I noticed that sometimes a lash lift would work better than others, even on the same person. Frustrating. I wasn’t doing anything different. So, maybe it’s not so simple after all…

I did some research and I found an amazing way to get perfect results every time. And my clients are loving it!

If you’ve not had a lash lift before, it’s a fantastic way of making your lashes look longer and thicker, as if you are wearing mascara… but without the mascara. And the results last up to 6 weeks. Perfect for holidays, spa days, or lockdown zoom calls.

Here’s the process…

1. We start by cleaning the natural lashes to remove any oils that will prevent the process from working. An under eye pad is applied to the bottom lashes to keep them separate.

2. We then fix a rubber shield to both eye lids, as close as we can to the lash line, which is what is going to give us the shape.

3. Your lashes are then fixed into place against this shield with a light coat of glue.

4. Once the lashes are exactly how we want them it’s time to apply a small amount of perm lotion along the lashes. This solution breaks down the current bonds in your lash. We leave this to work for 10-15mins.

5. Perm lotion is removed and a fixing lotion is applied. This sets the lashes into their new position. Again, this is left on for 10mins.

6. Once this is done we can remove the lotion, uncover the bottom lashes and tint to make them nice and dark.

7. Once the tint has developed and has been wiped off, it’s time to unstick the lashes and remove the shield using a nourishing oil.

And voila! Perfect lashes without make up.

So what’s the secret ingredient?! What makes our lash lift better than others?

Our secret isn’t a secret at all. Any good hair dresser will tell you that a perm sets better with heat…So that’s what we do. We apply a heated eye pillow during the perming process and we’ve found it sets so much better. And you get the benefit of the soothing warmth while you relax. We even throw in a free scalp massage if you want it!

What more can you ask for?

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