Can I have eyelash extensions whilst pregnant?

I feel like everyone around me is getting pregnant at the moment, especially with lockdown and this is something I do get asked a lot.

Can I have eyelash extensions while being pregnant?

The easy answer is yes…. There is nothing in the process that will harm your baby so it is completely safe.

However, as you get bigger it may not be as simple.

From 20 weeks you shouldn’t be lying flat on your back as the weight of the baby compresses major blood vessels which can make you feel dizzy and/or nauseous. But, there are ways we can position you so that you are more comfortable and we can still attach lashes easily.

For example, we can raise your knees higher with pillows to take the pressure off, or, if that is still uncomfortable, it may be possible for you to lay on your side with you head turned straight.

Even in this position, lying still may be difficult for long periods of time so, if you are pregnant and wanting eyelash extensions (especially a full set) please let us know beforehand as we will need to allow extra time for stretch and toilet breaks.

You should also be aware that, during pregnancy, levels of hormones like oestrogen and prolactin are higher, which can cause lashes to shed quicker and you may need infills more often.

I hope this answers any questions, if you have any more please don’t hesitate to give me a call

Kelly xxx

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