So Henna Brows

As bold, beautiful eyebrows are in, with no sign of going anywhere, eyebrow Henna is a fast growing trend in the beauty industry.

The main difference between Henna and regular tinting is that Henna is a natural dye from the henna tree and doesn’t require a developer. It coats the natural hair rather than changing the colour from within.

Another big bonus is that, as well as tinting the actual hair henna also stains the skin, which is great for sparse eyebrows or those wanting bold statement brow with minimum fuss. No more painting on your eyebrows every morning.

We love the So Henna brand, which comes in 8 different shades based on your favourite coffee colours. They can be used alone at different consistencies for varying tones, or mixed together to get the perfect colour.

The colour can last up to 2 weeks on the skin, depending on your skin type.

So Henna is vegan, cruelty free and natural with low PPD so it is great for sensitive skins, however it does still contain a small amount of PPD so reactions are still possible and a patch test is required.

Before and after So Henna Brows in ‘Cafe Mocha‘

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