Why do my eyes water during my lash appointment?

I’ve been a lash technician for a long time. Watery eyes is something that happens from time to time. Sometimes it’s because the eye is uncomfortable, sometimes the client is just prone to it anyway. Tears are not ideal when you’re trying to stick lashes on, the natural lashes stick together, the glue just doesn’t set and once it’s started, it’s difficult to stop it. So here’s a few ways to make your eyes as comfortable as possible.

1. Avoid wearing contact lenses to your appointment. Contacts and glue fumes don’t mix. It dries your eyes out and causes them to water.

2. Keep your eyes closed! Sometimes you’re talking and don’t realise you’re doing it, sometimes you can’t resist taking a peek at who just sent that text. Either way, if your eyes are even slightly open it allows fresh glue fumes to get into the eyes, causing irritation, stinging and/or watery eyes. Have a little lash nap to make sure your eyes are relaxed and full closed.

3. If your eyes feel uncomfortable, say so. Sometimes the under eye pad or tape can be touching the eye slightly when the eyes are closed, which can irritate. We can fix this easily so don’t be afraid to say something.

4. Make sure you use a lash technician that uses quality lash glue and clean tools. Some glues can contain formaldehyde which can be especially irritating on the eyes. Your lash technician should know what they are using, ask if you’re unsure.

2 thoughts on “Why do my eyes water during my lash appointment?

  1. Had test patch of exmelash extension 4 of them drop out next day and can i use eye make up as usual when have lash extensions

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