How to look after your lashes

Let’s face it, having eyelash extensions gets expensive! No matter how many times you tell yourself ‘it’s just for holiday’… you will get addicted (let this be a warning lol)

Even if you do just get them for special occasions you still want them to last as long as possible, therefore, it’s vital that you look after your lashes properly to get the most out of them… and your money.

1. Don’t get them wet for at least 24hrs after having them done. The glue needs time to properly set so make sure you wash your hair before your appointment, or maybe have some goggles handy (trust me, we’ve all been there).

2. Avoid oil like the plague. Any oil on your lashes with cause a break down of the glue causing your extensions to fall out prematurely, so avoid using anything with oil in around your eyes. Think things like moisturisers, eye make up removers, eyeliners, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow. Always check what you’re using and try and use an oil free alternative.

3. Wash your lashes! I know your gut instinct is not to touch them too much, however your skin naturally produces oil every day, more in summer, so it’s important to clean your lashes regularly to avoid the break down of glue from those oils. You can do this using a small amount of (oil free) eye make up remover. Lather gently with your ring finger, or a lash brush if you’ve got one, into the lashes and rinse with water. Pat dry with a tissue. Always clean them immediately after exercise.

4. Do not touch. Do not rub. Do not pull. Not only does touching your lashes transfer more oils onto them, but messing with them too much can cause them to come out prematurely, along with your natural lashes. This could damage your natural lashes and slow their growth.

5. Brush them regularly. Your lash technician should give you a small mascara wand to take home with you. Use it to brush your lashes regularly. Not only will this keep them tidy it will also encourage your natural lashes to grow straight and stimulate growth. Just make sure it’s clean, get a new brush every now and then.

6. Sleep on your back. I know it’s easier said than done, but most people find their lashes fall out more on one side due to it being the side they sleep on. If you want to protect your lashes during sleep, try using a cushioned eye mask.

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